The following   120   members are confirmed for

Deadline : Monday, May 24th, 3:00 p.m.

If you have already called or emailed and your name does not appear here,
call the booking line (416-543-2947) or Email ( A.S.A.P.
Todd Adams Craig Drummond A Matt Mardus David Walker A
Mark Alldread Early Patrick Duerden Bill Marsh A Mike Whitworth
Carl Ashley A Adrian Duran Rudy Martin A Adam Whyte Early
Mark Ashley Early Jai Escott Late Andrew Mason Bill Williams Late
Tony Azarraga A Joel Evans Early Marty Mason Early Don Wilson A
Steve Baboulas Early Marlowe Feltmate Matthew McCarroll Early Bernie Wollenzien
Marc Beausoleil Scott Ferguson Early Phil McIlhone Early Vince Wong 150
Raymond Belair Late Cris Fernandes Early Steve Mignardi Mark Worthington Early
Stan Belza Early Andrew Fidler Early Larry Mikalachki Early Steve Worthington Early
Todd Belza Early Thomas Flowers Early Larry Molyneaux 1pm David Yarmoluk
Paul Bird A Barry Flynn Late Ian Moyer 1pm Mike Young A
Bill Boag A George Foster Early Bob Moynagh A Stan Abraham Early
Jason Boag Late Corey Fougere Early William Murray Early Nathaniel Allard Early
Jim Bodnaruk A Chris French Late Jason Nicholls A John Barnes L
Alec Bonich Robert Gallant Barry O'Neill A Ryan Barnett Early
Bob Boyle A Tim Gallant Joe Park L David Bilby
Ken Boyle Late Shawn Gilbert Bill Patterson Early Phil Chan 150
Stan Brar Joe Gill Early Romeo Persaud Early Mike Daoust A
Don Brock A Bill Goodchild Early Sean Pitcher Early Dean David A
Mike Brooks A Jason Goss A Derek Prodeus Leith El-Halabi Early
Tom Browning Alan Gray Late Kenny Ray Early Ian Erdis
Bill Bryson A Gus Hartl Late Rob Read Early Eric Freeman
Neil Bullock Early Mark Harvey Late Richard Rhone Late Jon Fullard
Bob Burns Chris Haynes Steve Shannon Ryan Kotzer A
Phil Butler Late David Heasman A John Skeath Late Matt Harpell Early
David Butt Stephen Hemingway Bill Slaven L Neil Hollywood 150
Matthew Butt Dave Herbert Early Stafford Smith A Patrick Homer
Mike Cannon Brian Hill Early Michael So A Jim Hutcheon A
Tim Chadwick A Kevin Hill Early Bill Sornberger Early Matthew Hynes
Rick Chase Scott Hodgson Late Troy Sotelo Early Joshua Jeffrey
Yiorgo Christoudolou Adkin Holder Early Gerry Spitzig Phillipe LaBarre
Michael Cioffi Late Ryan Horwood Mark Stainsby Early Doug MacDonald A
Bob Clarke James Ing Early Dave Starrett A Jason MacGregor Early
John Clarke A Brian Ingram Tommy Steeves David McDonald A
Ted Cook Shandon James A Rob Stibbe A Jaime Shepherd 150
Al Coulter A Daniel Kavanagh Early Tom Sumaisar Late Cory Sinclair Early
Corey Crawford Early Rick Kiczek Early Mauro Tatone Late Devon Skeats A
Tony Crawford Early Darren Laing A Glenn Taylor Late Jennifer Valino
Don Dale A John Lajuenesse Jeff Taylor A Mike Worts A
Jeff Daniels William Lawlor A Bob Teeter Eric Zimmermann
Keith Dawson Dave Little A Don Thacker Early
Glenn Desilets Paolo Lombardo Phil VanAndel
Roger Desrochers Royce MacDonald Matt VanBuskirk Early
Mark D'Ornellas Joe MacLean Dave Vickers A
Bob Drohan A Paul Malbeuf Andy Violot A
Stan Brar - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -

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Game 10 Game 11 Game 12 Game 13 Game 14 Game 15 Game 16 Game 17 Game 18

Championship Tournament - September 14, 2021 (Silver Lakes)

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