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Mark Harvey has made it 4 Holes in One for Golf League members in 2015. Mark accomplished his at Don Valley GC on Aug. 7th at the 15th Hole, using a Pitching Wedge on the 145 yard hole. Congratulations Mark!

2011 was the last time there was more than one Hole in One during league games in a season and it has happened twice in first 3 games of 2015. Joe Park has added his name to the list of Holes in One. Joe managed his first ever ace on the 3rd hole at Wyndance, using a 7 iron on the 165 yard hole. Congratulations Joe!

Our first game of the 2015 season was a cold, windy day at Rattlesnake Point. There were several new league members at the game as well as a large number of returnees. Congratulations to Dave Starrett who started his year off with a Hole in One on the 13th Hole. That was quite the way to be welcomed to the league. Dave used a 2 Iron on the 163 yard, Par 3 hole. What will he do for an encore?

To the Members of the Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association Golf League, an important message regarding cancellation of booked matches.

In the past several weeks we have had the unfortunate problem of members phoning the league the day of the match to cancel. As an example, this past week, six players called on Tuesday to cancel their attendance at Lakeridge Links. This troubling practice not only defeats the purpose of the pre booking, it destroys the considerable time and effort Rick Adderson spends organizing the tee off lists, posting them on the league web site and corresponding with the courses eight days in advance to provide them with the number of golfers who will be attending. As well it damages the reputation of the league and could result in courses refusing to co-operate with the league in the future.

While the staff at Lakeridge were accomodating and did not charge for members who did not attend on Tuesday, other courses have not been so generous. As an example, those who booked but did show at Royal Ontario were charged even though they did not attend.

While the league will still attempt to accomodate emergencies that do crop up from time to time, it cannot accept the financial responsibility for those who cancel at the last minute.

The best advice we can give you is, do not book for any match unless you are positive you can attend, failing an emergency.

If this continues to be a problem we will be forced to enact the following policy:

In the event a member cancels a match that he has already booked for, the member will be responsible for the full payment of a charged green fee.


In the future, if needed, the following policy will be enforced:

If you cancel an event you have booked for and the course charges the league for your booking, the full amount of the green fee charged will be deducted from your account with the league. This means for example, if the course charges the league $85.00 that amount will be deducted from your league account.

In an effort to assist the newer members of the league the following defines an emergency:

  1. Injury suffered prior to the match.
  2. Working night shift and being required to remain as a result of a major incident.
  3. Family emergency involving hospitalization.
  4. Other examples on a case by case basis.
What does not qualify for an emergency:
  1. Attending court. (If you receive a notification to attend court - you should not book in the hope you can attend)
  2. Working day shift and your t.o. get's cancelled due to staff shortage at your unit.
  3. You arrive late to the course due to traffic.
  4. Other examples on a case by case basis.

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