1. Entry Fee is $100.00
    Prize Money will consist of the 10 Entry Fess plus all monies accumulated by Pickups.

  2. Payout will be as follows:

    1st Place = 55% of prize money
    2nd Place = 30% of prize money
    3rd Place = 15% of prize money

  3. Draft will consist of reverse order drafting in the first year and assigned draft picks in the subsequent years. The order will be determined by the finish in the previous season.

    4th Place drafts - 1st
    5th Place drafts - 2nd
    6th Place drafts - 3rd
    7th Place drafts - 4th
    8th Place drafts - 5th
    9th Place drafts - 6th
    10th Place drafts - 7th

    3rd Place drafts - 8th
    2nd Place drafts - 9th
    1st Place drafts - 10th

  4. Rosters are 22 players. Each week, an active roster must be declared prior to the start of the first N.H.L. game for the week beginning on Monday. The week shall run from Monday to Sunday each week and only the active players points will be added to your team's totals. You are required to "dress" the following each week:

    3 x Centre
    6 x Wing
    4 x Defence
    2 x Goalie
    7 x Reserves

  5. Points will be awarded only once at the completion of the season for your standing in each of the 4 categories: Centre, Wing, Defence, G.A. Average. 10 pts. will be awarded for the leader in each category with 2nd receiving 9 pts and so on down to 10 th place receiving 1 pt. The winners are determined by the top four point accumulators at the end of the year. The standings will be published weekly to help you evaluate your current position at each of the categories.

  6. A minimum total of 5000 goalie minutes are required. A penalty of 0.1 will be added to the G.A. Ave for every 60 minutes you are short of the 5000 minutes requirement.

  7. Player pickups will be permitted on a first come, first serve basis at a cost of $3.00 per pickup.

  8. Prior to the start of each subsequent year, you will protect 2 players from your active roster.

  9. Prior to our trade deadline immediately following the NHL trading deadline, you may trade with any other team manager for free. While you are free to trade draft picks for players or other draft picks, you may not transfer more than 2 draft picks to any one manager. All trades will be reviewed a three member panel as chosen by the pool director. All trades must be finalized at the time of the trade (no trading for players to be named later or conditional draft picks)

  10. The Hockey News Yearbook will be the official publication of the pool and players must be positioned according to the yearbook prior to the start of the year or the Daily Faceoff website throughout the year. Managers have the option of changing a player's position (e.g. centre to wing) provided the change is published in the weekly magazine. The player , once changed, cannot revert to a previous position unless the change is published in subsequent weekly magazines.

  11. All monies owed are due at the next Adderall Draft day.

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